Sunday, September 15, 2013

L!VE from Porchfest!

This Sunday, attending Ithaca’s annual Porchfest was an absolute pleasure. First of all, the atmosphere and musical environment of Ithaca is just so hip and pleasing. I loved the laid back attitude of just walking down the streets of the town listening to the various folk music options being played. One piece of music that stood out to me was an ensemble of men singing a capella to the song “Happy Together” by The Turtles. Their voices blended so beautifully together and their harmonies sounded amazing. It was obvious to see that they had rehearsed this song many times because the rhythm was so well put together. The texture of the song was very light and balanced well with all of their voices. It was definitely something that we heard and everyone took a double take to hear it. Another piece that caught our attention was a jazz ensemble. The band had a few instruments, the major ones that stuck out in my head being the trumpet and the singer. The singer they had was a girl and she was singing the song “Fly Me To the Moon.” The texture of her voice was very smooth and fit in with the jazz feel that they were going for. The trumpet stuck out to me also because I noticed the solo that it had. The solo went off the melody and was very improvised which happens all of the time during jazz tunes. The rhythm of the song was very steady and I was tapping my foot along with it the whole time. There were many recognizable acts performing at the porch fest this year, but these two seemed to make the biggest impact in my mind. Overall, Porchfest was a very enjoyable time and I will definitely be attending it in my next four years to come here at Ithaca!

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